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Artist: David Thrussell
Title: The Hard Word (Soundtrack)
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis Records
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Kind of off the beaten path for Metropolis, which is more into electronic, goth and industrial tracks, this is their first soundtrack release, done by Dave Thrussell of Snog. To me, given I’m not really into soundtrack type CDs at all unless I’ve seen the film, this one seems to paint out the film for you. If not paint out a whole film for you in your mind. It’s very laid back, with a sort of jazz and lounge principle, reminding me often times of Henry Mancini’s famous "Pink Panther" soundtrack (though nothing like the "Peter Gun" music, mind you), more than anything Snog or Black Lung ever did (which is much more electronic based, respectively). It’s a pretty good CD for simply relaxing to, for those who haven’t seen the film or who have seen it and perhaps not liked it (I haven’t seen it myself, so it’s good, mellow music to me). Rating: 9.
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Artist: ROZ VITALIS (@)
Title: Painsadist
Format: CD EP
Label: Self Produced
Roz Vitalis is the personal project of Ivan Rozmainsky, a guy coming from Russia and who is also active also as a keyboard player in different goth bands. PAINSADIST is his latest CDr E.P. and this time he's also helped by Nadezhda Regentova at vocals and Vladimir Polyakov for some lyrics, music and guest musician on keyboards on "Miles Inside" and "Smile Tonight". Roz Vitalis' music recalled me some atmospheres of the Philip Glass' suites and also the experimentation of some 70's progressive bands. The seven tracks are based on piano or organ parts where here and there cyclic noises came by to give a sort of creepy touch. Also Nedezhda's vocals are kinda disturbing and give to the songs a sense of uncertainty. This is an interesting E.P. and if you want to have a taste of Ivan's music just visit his page.
Artist: Sister Machine Gun
Title: 6.6 Machine
Format: CD
Label: Positron! Records (@)
Distributor: Positron! Records
It's been awhile since I've heard music from Sister Machine Gun. Now they're back with a new six tracks release off their own label Positron! Records. Chicago's own industrial rock duo brings electro-funk dance to Jimi Hendrix to stir a new kind of flavor to their music. The album 6.6 Machine can be played in the mainstream areas. Some of the tracks on the disc reminds me of some songs by artists I heard on the radio, even though I don't care for alternative stuff. SMG will blow you away precisely with "Gas Chamber", "In Their Veins" and "Bullet To Spare." The origin of industrial roots is what they're exploring. SMG modern signature sound progress slow-burn rock with electronic elements.
Jul 08 2003
Artist: Deadburger (@)
Title: s.t.0.r.1.e
Format: CD
Label: Wot 4 (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe (Italy), Shellshock (Europe & Australia)
Ready to put aside that politically-lousy, nutritionally fat, all together disgusting McDonalds burger that you are getting your greasy fingers on for a buck badly spent to taste a much better one? How about a dead one? The Deadburger have been around for a long while (1995) but unlike any other burger I know of, they get better every year that passes (more like wine, really, so they tell me). So instead of being putrid and rotten, the mutated murder-burger from Tuscany is ready to unleash a new sonic assault on you that is completely different from their previous material. The Deadburger are an open collective of artists and musicians orbiting around founding members Vittorio Nistri (electronics) and Alessandro Casini (guitars and graphics), who also work under Microonde (symphonies for microwave oven) and Vibroplettri (guitars played with rotating machines) monikers, respectively. These dudes have always have been ahead of the curve in the Italian scene, and were doing things that few others were doing when they were, and even hit the sweet spot well before the Italian-sung electronica-rock formula even appeared on mainstream radio and tv. The new breed of bread that these "good guys" have baked for us, defies expectations for those who were familiar with their previous musical course; as a matter of fact the new album "s.t.0.r.1.e" (which, once you replace the 0 with an "o" and the 1 with an "i", in Italian means "stories") definitely goes down a new road and initiates an all new artistic evolution that embraces rock and electronics (better interacting and merging than ever before) but integrates and interfaces them with bits, samples, loops, parts and influence from territories as wide apart as theater music, hip-hop, classical music, dark wave, punk, hard core, psychedelia, free jazz/no wave you mention it... Deadburger also have a new singer, whose vocal characteristics (ranging from dramatically melancholic to screamingly angry) many Italians will appreciate, I can tell. Of course the fact that they choose to sing in their own language takes this to a different level and if you are familiar with the lame Italian music scene you'll think of some of the better bands from that scene (such as C.C.C.P., C.S.I., CP/01, Subsonica, La Crus and many other bands from the post-punk post-core post-rock post-fuck scene now going digital)... Unfortunately the Deadburger didn't think of providing translations of their lyrics for non-Italian speaking folks, but those who understand Italian will be delighted to find out that there are still bands out there that really care about and work on their lyrics, passing from intimate and personal to thought-provoking and political to some extent. As db themselves point out in their bio-burger «the goal was to make a record where words and music were of equal importance; and where the two components aren't just "layered" on top of each other, but actually interact with each other, in a mutual exchange of input». I gotta say these words hit the nail on the head and they sure don't fuck around, they are truly committed and they put their money where their mouth is (hopefully not chewing on a dead meat hamburger). All in all this burger is dripping with many sauces and is most definitely very tasty. If you need to be enlightened in terms of references, and you have a grasp on the Italian scene, names such as QuintoRigo, Otto P' Notri, Diaframma, Marlene Kuntz, Jacopo Andreini, Bz Bz Ueu, Jitterbugs, Erpice (and many others I can't think of right now but that I am alarmingly aware) of should give you the best idea, but unless you lived in Berlusca-land I don't expect you to know these names, which makes for a perfectly good additional reason why you should immediately buy this very record and get an idea of what else is out there... If you are sick of hearing Cold Play tune into the burger's airwaves and get a bite of what for all of you out there who don't know who the hell I am talking about, could roughly be considered a sandwich of Pink Floyd (for the psychedelia), Jeff Buckley/Bob Dylan (for the songwriting intimacy), NIN/Stabbing Westward (for the industrial component and the pop feel), Sonic Youth (for the scratchy guitars), Muslimgazue (for the worldly vibe of some songs), Beasty Boys (for the rock-biased hip hop stuff), Adrian Sherwood (for the dubby tweaking), Tom Waits (for the lo-fidelity originality), John Zorn (for the free/jazz/wave approach), My Dying Bride (for the dark violin/viola strings arrangements), Underworld (for the watery dance sounds) - beware, if you take any of the above international names as a standalone reference it won't likely be true to the Deadburger sound (most of this stuff doesn't make any sense to me, unless I consider is as a whole, and I am really just mentioning these far out names to try to give you an idea, because this is 100% original Italian stuff)! As multifaceted and variegated as it is, this album also offers you a dynamic line up that includes many national guests (including trumpet virtuoso Roy Paci) making the burger even spicier and multi-dimensional (bet you didn't hear any burger referred to as being multi-dimensional in McShitDonalds' dollar menu...).The CD is released by a very cool little label called Wot 4 based in the Netherlands and in the UK, run by some cool eco-anarchic mate called Charlie Holmes who lives and pro-actively works and organizes things in Tuscany, where he lives part of the year.And because today is your lucky day, let me tell you about the cool full-color 28 page booklet that comes with the CD, where you'll find lyrics, credits but most importantly graphics that are supposed to go along with the saucy sounds. I think if you buy the CD from them or from the label directly, you also get a full-size A4 32 page xeroxed b/w enhanced booklet.It's your turn now. You can get this from Audioglobe in Italy and from UK's Shellshock 4 in the rest of Europe and Australia. Run out to your local burger factory and buy "s.t.0.r.1.e", because if I write a review this long you can bet your ass it sure as hell outta be real good!
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Artist: Faith And Disease
Title: Passport To Kunming
Format: CD
Label: Projekt Records
Distributor: Projekt Records
Call me behind the times or just balancing way too much band wise, but this is my first time hearing this established and accomplished group. The vocals Of Dara Rosenwasser are sheer genius, like a line somewhere between Jarboe circa The Swan’s "World Of Skin" and the vocalist of Mira (Gina I think her name is. Really tall and nice person in person by the way!). They emit that sense of cold atmosphere that seems to have an aura of warm and comfort inside of it as well, the true definition of melancholy. The guitar work of Eric Cooley gives it a soft gossamer to crawl on like a spider crawling across it’s web on a summer’s rainy day. The drumming reminds me a bit of Opeth’s jazz-style drumming, very controlled and never clattering at all. Everything on here perks with a certain sense of balance and grace, able to pull off many elements that others make look very corny indeed. To me, it’s hard to pick a highlight from such a CD, but if I would have to choose I’d have to say "Dyslexia", "In Between The Folds" and the dance remix of "She’s Got A Halo". Another brilliant CD in the Projekt roster, but his time a little more so than usual. Definitely recommended for fans of later era Slowdive, Mira or the classic sound of 4AD. Rating:10. BTW, I’m doing an interview with the group as we speak, so I’ll keep you posted in the meantime. :-)
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