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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: The Fixx An Electronic Tribute
Format: CD
Label: Section 44 (@)
Rated: *****
Released by Section 44 (as well as the Dead Or Alive tribute album I'll review asap), THE FIXX AN ELECTRONIC TRIBUTE is a compilation album where thirteen bands of the synthpop area give their personal version of The Fixx songs. Still active, the Fixx have been an important band of electronic pop wave during the '80s. Even if their hits were catching and enjoyable by a wide audience they find a big success most on USA than on their native England. By listening to the tracks is amazing to notice how they fit really well the synthpop genre and they sound still really actual and this just prove the value of the band. The tribute sees Empire State Human (I'm really waiting for their new album that will be released by Kiss My Asterix label) playing "Saved by zero", Tristraum giving their version of "Chase the fire". Gene Loves Jezebel (I didn't know they were still active) giving their characteristic touch (you can recognize their vocals immediately) to "Red skies", Astromill playing "Are we ourselves" (I dug their Toyah meet the Missing Persons touch), Equatronic (it's since the Zoth Ommog days that I didn't hear something new about them) dealing with "Running", Color Theory which after the Depeche Mode tribute gives his romantic touch to "One thing leads to another". These are only few of the thirteen bands which contributed to the realisation of this really good album. This is a perfect chance to know how good the Fixx songs are and how pulsing the synthpop scene is! P.s. If you buy this CD through the official website ( you can download three exclusive songs by Thinmen, David Vesel and Invisible Asps. Cool!