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Title: S/T
Format: CD
Label: Moonlee (@)
Rated: *****
Hey man "East is East" but with such a name and with music like that the distance that once divided western and eastern music is completely blown away. Don't Mess With Texas hails from Zagreb and plays instrumental post-rock music that all of you into indie-harmonies or those who are into emotional music will love at the first glanc..hem, listening. While the tracks goes by, this full length the two most frequent comparison that came to my mind were Mogway and Rachel's during their rock trip, therefore you can easily argue the air smells inevitably of Godspeed You Black Emperor but not so much since the emphasis is different beside the fact Don't Mess With Texas are more into guitar driven melodies. Good production and some of the songs have a good architecture, while the possible remark is that the cd sometimes sounds sticks too much to the post-rock dogmas. The piano works are really classical (even if I can't say if that's the background of the piano player) but that' probably one of the point of interest of this band since if they'll be able to evolve their style I wouldn't be that surprised by a big step forward with the next record (I'm thinking to the possible evolution of songs like "God might want to change his mind" where the Constellation-like atmosphere is great). If heart-breaking melodies are your everyday bread this "debut" morsel is worth of a bite.