Music Reviews

Artist: Ptose
Title: ignobles limaces / Night of the Reptiles
Format: CD
Label: Musea
Rated: *****
Not knowing French or the history of this band is going to seem a little bit like wearing blinders while reviewing this release and keep me from commenting on their lyrical content entirely but that being said... This is re-release of two PTOSE recordings from the early 80's. The first, "Ignobles Limaces" was originally published by AYAA and was PTOSE's first proper studio record. The second, "Night of the Reptiles" was originally released on cassette only in 1983. The over-all tone of both of these releases is very "Residents-esque". Not knowing a lot about PTOSE's origins, I can't be sure if they were directly influenced by The Residents or if their similar tone is merely incidental. In either case, PTOSE handles their quirky melodies and arrangements with panache'. Quirky melodies, odd arrangements, heavily modulated synthesizers, guitars, out of tune leads, insane vocal styles abound in this release. There are moments wherein the vocals are in English but I can't, for the life of me, make out a single phrase. Nevertheless... this doesn't hamper the ability to enjoy the kooky nature of the tracks. Despite half of this release having been originally released on cassette, the audio quality is fantastic. Stand out tracks: "The Bogyman", "Eat Your Fish!" and "Like a Mouse".