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Artist: ORLA WREN (@)
Title: butterfly wings make
Format: CD
Label: Expanding (@)
Rated: *****
I think I've already wrote I like Expanding: this label has a clear direction both for the melodic-electronic music (without vocals) they produce and for the artsy photographic aesthetics of their releases. I'm not afraid to say that even if lately I've received several good or at least interesting electronic oriented releases, Orla Wren got immediately my attention. Tui a.k.a. Orla Wren wears an ordinary classy electronic costume, therefore don't expect it to sound crippled like Autechre, cold as Pan Sonic or experimental as Ikeda...nay, I'd say this should be filed like easy listening electronic music to relax listeners ears. So this is "music for lovers" and not for proto-intellectual-freaks, soft electronic sketches mostly evolved around piano sounds, synths, glitches and good tempos. I've been listening this cd in heavy rotation while trying to clean my room and I've caught myself thinking it puts together an brilliant poppy attitude to a stylish decorative taste. Harp synths, guitar loops floating on the background and a repetitive but never boring structure...early Mouse on Mars and Plaid meets Nyman?. Good and never prosaic melodies that accentuate Tui's short comment at the end of the thanks list: "I am inspired".
Artist: Android Lust
Title: Devour, Rise and Take Flight
Format: CD
Label: Projekt Records
Distributor: Projekt Records
Rated: *****
Android Lust ~ Devour, Rise and Take Flight is one of their newest releases and lead female vocalist, Shikhee steals the show with her power, piss and vinegar. This badass front woman is the most diverse woman I have ever met or seen just recently for her first time show in Chicago! Expect anything from heavy breathing, screaming or loud melodic undertones. You never know what you are gonna get. "Hole Solution" is the track that sticks out the most on this album, Shikhee sings to us" You need a hole in your head, I want to see it come oozing out, all your pride and your scheming, all your lies and and deceiving, you need a hole in your head." Shikhee screams this to the audience and makes you feel all the pain and anguish she has gone through. Hard electro/indusrtrial beats tear through this track and sever the ties expressing her hurt for all to see. "The Body" is another that track that rocks for the dansefloor! Hard beating hits with Shikhee's ambient melancholy voice is a wonderful mix of both worlds. Racing across the plains tearing through like some tornado, here shes comes and shes pissed! singing, " With this damned body of mine, you just don't understand", this body belongs to me, to take it where it will." She sings it like a damsel in distress that pulls out guns under her dress to take revenge for all that have wronged her! Sense of it all was a free flowing track that contained witty words such as , " I fall to the floor, I crawl, I seek, I implore with backing dubs of what sounds like electronic waterdrops hitting the floor as Shikhee goes down with the floor and the drops time in beat with her going down! How expressive is this! This entire album contains electronic music that builds to a explosive mass of energy getting all to get up and danse and feel her pain! Wow, this album burns bright, everything about it, you won't be disappointed! Go in with an open head, come out feeling hooked and lusty!
Artist: AUTO AUTO (@)
Title: Sounds Of A New Generator
Format: CD
Label: DSBP / Substream (@)
Distributor: DSPB
Rated: *****
It seems a bit strange that the rising DSBP label lately signs a Swedish Synthpop act, especially if you take a closer look to the further roster of this label. But with AUTO AUTO’s full length release "Sounds Of A New Generator" they make surely a right decision. Already released in Europe through their label Substream (, it got now licensed for the NA market through the DSBP – but also for European retailers this re-issue has some fine additions which make it worth to purchase it. Besides the already given 12 tracks of the original, the band has added four more tracks and two remix works on the relatively known pieces "Backstabber (HELM remix)" and "Dog (TECHEN remix)". Well, it is musically Synthpop – but not from that smooth and sweetie kind for the faint of hearted. It is more Powerpop with a strong dedication to some 80ties decades, or to the early phase of the Swedish Energy label with acts like ELEGANT MACHINERY or DEAD EYES OPEN. AUTO AUTO surely do not represent the finest kind of that genre, but they’re surely catchy enough to grab some attention. Musically depth and abilities they show also on "Harmagaeddon" with the use of a guitar. Next to both above mentioned tracks which I prefer in their original version, some favorites can be heard with the energetic "23 Nov" or the almost dark "Killing, Killing Evelyn". Also the new tracks don’t offer filling fodder, "Decamerone" can be named here being the best piece. I think it is the light-hearted kind this band offers in almost all pieces here, it has something to do with dedication and affection to the music generally. The band shows their talent well here and this seems to me the reason why Tommy T of the DSBP has picked them up. There’s now the more diversity at the DSBP through this act. Nice initiative!
Title: Greifenkeil
Format: CD
Label: GrenTzwert (@)
Distributor: SX Distribution
Rated: *****
This is the first release of the new German label Grentzwert, which looks out for acts playing music which doesn’t follow any trendy hypes. Electronic music which doesn’t know boundaries – and the male/female duo (until now) GREIFENKEIL fits excellent into this agenda. Musically they take their influences out of some Dark Electro, Industrial/Powernoise, Ambient and Ritual tunes, and so you’ll get a really dark and scary full length release somehow comparable with acts like the great yelworC, ARCANA OBSCURA or some dark ANDRACULOID tunes. Yeah – it is in no way related to some stupid dancefloor stuff hidden under the Dark Electro genre – moreover you have to invest several rotations of this CD to get an entrance to the given content. I find it quite impressive how this act deals with ominous synth layers, strange and disruptive percussion efforts and their scary mood generally, but also the lyrically content has some interesting things to tell us. A big theme is the kind and responsibility of the church and Christianity generally – they’re arguing here against a deadly exorcism on a real happened tragedy in the last year through the Rumanian-orthodox church ("Irina", "Memoriam (For Irina)") – a happening which the church hasn’t condemned until today. Another theme is the origin of Europe and the meaning of some rivers ("Indus", "Oxus Underearth"). GREIFENKEIL avoid it to fall into any "good-bad-evil-devil" cliches, which we often get heard out of this music genre. No, this release has definitively a strong intellectual content – and so is also the artwork featuring some nice photos related to the songs. It’s really hard to pick out a favorite, moreover this release has to be seen as an entirely work of art – music, lyrics, art – the formula is well chosen. GREIFENKEIL are also looking for some artists for performance, dance, drama and singing. If you’re interested and talented, please make sure to contact them.
Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Crash Frequency 02 - Australian Independent Darkwave
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Crash Frequency (@)
Rated: *****
The Australian Crash Frequency strikes back, this time with a DCD set to gain some international and world-wide attention. It was lately Charles Fenech of ANGEL THEORY who told us in our current interview (please look for it somewhere else here...), that the Australian Electro/Industrial/Goth scene has reached a special point of evolution, where some good recognition occurs and that the included bands, especially the ones presented through this collective – show a lot of diversity and originality. His words got proven right with this compilation featuring almost all Crash Frequency bands – I miss only SOBIQUET, INTRA-SONIC and STARK here. The first disk named "Arrival (Home)" features 15 tracks of – so-called - "radio versions" featuring mostly the best pieces taken out of the latest albums of each band, but also some goodies and unreleased new tracks. Opening act marks – like expected – the currently striking duo of ANGELSPIT with their track "Vena Cava". If some of you really haven’t checked out their new CD "Krankhaus" – an epic in both parts, Industrial-Metal music and artwork – I then advise you to do so! Goth Rock was and is not my cup of tea, but the famous IKON give a well done piece here and their "Sunset At Golgotha" is still unreleased. To the straight and melodious EBM/Electro music of ANGEL THEORY I don’t have to give any further explanations, because this act is maybe together with IKON the most known act internationally. "Human", out of Charles’ last and highly recommended full length CD "Re-Possession" is one of the best tracks he has ever composed. Comes then N0N-PLUS, a relatively new member of the collective and musically based into the Powernoise/Ambient genre. I haven’t heard anything from this act before, so that’s a bit hard to start comparisons, but this decent track featuring ominous synth layers and a steady beat makes me hungry for more. Follows then the great duo TANKT with a new and unreleased track "Surveillance". You remember their well done "Club Life" CD, also licensed to Static Sky Records? Well, forget it, because this "Surveillance" knocks almost all tracks from "Club Life" out of the field! Comes then the duo of THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT and so the journey into a musically more strange copulation, because they mix Electro elements with Trip-Hop efforts mostly guided by decent female vocals. Their track here, "One Time In Life" taken from their new EP "Blurred Edges" is a well done example for the more Trip-Hop-based kind of this duo. LUX VOLTAIRE is also an act I haven’t discovered so far, I can only remember their funny "Oberheim" contribution from the first chapter of this compilation series. Their new and unreleased "Dreamtime" is a straight and modern arranged Electro dance track with a duty guitar riff in between. They are followed by THE PROCESS VOID coming up with a new instrumental cut and the Synthpop act TYCHO BRAHE with a track of their latest release "Atlantic", out on the US-based label Coohagen Music. RESURRECTION EVE have already produced more remarkable tracks than "Embrace", which was also available on their great last CD "Ascension", out on GUP/Endless Records. PLAQUE SEQUENCE follows and they are totally new to me. "Futuristic Techno, Cyber-Electro, Psytrance and Technosexual Fetish-Industrial", so the description on their music – nothing what could help to make the things clearer. Lee Bulig of STARK has done some additional music and Pete Crane of THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT seems also to be a member.
We have then two tracks done by DOMINO THEORY (dark Pop with Trip-Hop attitudes leaded by female vocals) and DANDELION WINE, who could lately get a deal with the German Ars Musica Diffundere, a division of the Black Rain group. DAZY CHAIN give us their track "Hush" taken from their last full length – a track which starts peaceful and calm, but then to come out in a rough and angry Punk/Metal-like raging piece. Last track of this first CD then is provided by the new collective member THE TENTH STAGE musically ranging between Goth Rock and Electro. I dig this track a lot, it mixes up both styles with some good male vocals. So 15 tracks in all on the first CD, let’s check out the content of CD2, called "Departures (Club)" and so – like the name explains it – turns the music into a more club-oriented field.
ANGEL THEORY now opens the second disk, again with "Human", but this time in remix version created by John Van Loon out of the Netherlands. The rhythms are now a bit updated, John has also done some further production and he added his voice for a kind of guest singer appearance – in all a very satisfying remix work. THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT now show with their second track "Only You Can See You" their other side, musically more depending on a modern kind of Electro dance – it’s a great and previously unreleased track. ANGELSPIT send out another invitation to join them on the dancefloor for some crunchy Industrial/X-over actions with a new "Pill Binge" remix of their "Elixir", originally another fine piece out of the "Krankhaus". I then see the difficulty to offer a club-friendly track from IKON – finally they present here with "Ghost In My Head (Adam Cal Remix)" a track of the 1998 album "This Quiet Earth". Also some unreleased stuff is offered by TYCHO BRAHE with their track "Avarice", which got by the way remixed by another Australian legend alive again, George Pappas of REAL LIFE. It’s a great Synthpop tune with some female vocals integrated, which doesn’t leave any wishes open. Also the newbies of THE TENTH STAGE give a second track "Criminal World", which got remixed by Dave Foreman of TANKT. Have a clear listen to the great and alive-sounding synth layers. Next are TANKT with the title track of their past full length CD "Club Life", here in a special remix created by Charles Fenech of ANGEL THEORY. Please note also his special guest vocal appearance on this great track. PLAQUE SEQUENCE return with a modern dance track taking influences out of Trance and Techno. Pete Crane of THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT does his best here, although the adding of some more vocals wouldn’t be wrong. The rough tunes of THE PROCESS VOID – here "Lethargy" taken from their debut - also got a remix here, this time done by LUX VOLTAIRE. Relatively danceable, but mostly instrumental. RESURRECTION EVE then show themselves from their very best side and offer a new remix of their track "Forever" – be sure and listen only 1 – 2 times the refrain, it will be undeletable burned in your mind - one of the finest Synthpop tune this act has ever produced! Comes then DOMINO THEORY with an "Apology" – but there’s nothing to excuse, because the track grows on you after a few rotations. But don’t ask me who the responsible remixers ROMUS & REMULUS are, if we don’t think of the historically meaning. DANDELION WINE have again the flute in action, their at times strange female vocals and some guitar riffs as well – it’s always hard for me to sort them in, but I take it as sports – they are another proof of the diversity offered out of Down Under. Last but not least we get an unreleased track by LUX VOLTAIRE, "Australia’s Premier Neuropunk Outfit – whatever this means. After an acoustic opening the track "Despite You" turns into an acceptable and danceable electronic track, well done, Gentlemen.
A final and special note has to be taken for the brilliant artwork created by Destroyx of ANGELSPIT - indeed it has some relations to that famous "Krankhaus" art, plus also the great "flying skull" logo craeted by Roberto Massaglia of TANKT/THE TENTH STAGE. Charles Fenech of ANGEL THEORY finally has collected this well done comp.
I of course have some personal favorites here on this compilation, but I try to avoid to pick them out specially. It is because that the Australian Electro/Industrial/Goth scene has so much diversity and surprises in all genres to offer that every listener will find his/her very own favorite. Come on and take a steady listen to Down Under and the leading Crash Frequency collective – satisfaction guaranteed!

Disc CF01 : Arrival [Home]
1. Vena Cava - Angelspit
2. Sunset At Golgotha - IKON
4. Of The in Visible - n0nplus
5. Surveillance - Tankt
6. One Time in Life - The Crystalline Effect
7. Dreamtime - Lux Voltaire
8. Skyro - The Process Void
9. Don’t Feel That Way - Tycho Brahe
10. Embrace - Resurrection Eve
11. Oblivion - Plague Sequence
12. No Apology - Domino Theory
13. Tulip Eyes - DandelionWine
14. Hush - Dazychain
15. The 10th Stage - The Tenth Stage

Disc CF02 : Departures [Club]
1. Human (JVL Mix) - ANGELTHEORY
2. Only You can See You - The Crystalline Effect
3. Elixir (Elixir Remix) - Angelspit
4. Ghost in My Head - IKON
5. Avarice (George Pappas Real Life Remix - Previously Unreleased) - Tycho Brahe
6. Criminal World (Exclusive) - The Tenth Stage
7. Club Life [Club Mix] - Tankt
8. Take The First Step - Plague Sequence
9. Lethargy - The Process Void
10. Forever - Resurrection Eve
11. Apology - Domino Theory
12. Arc - Dandelion Wine
13. Despite You (Previously Unreleased) - Lux Voltaire
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