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Title: big saloon
Format: CD
Label: Madcap collective (@)
Rated: *****
"Sweets are my opium..." sung Shawn Brown (ex Dag Nasty-Swiz) in my fave Sweet Belly Freakdown (3/4 of Swiz) song and here we got some poppy sugar for you honey. Ok, with the coming of age and of cynism I've to admit I'm hesitant when approaching to many of these female musicians glorified for a second hand "petty romance" desire hidden in the backyard, but that's not the case, so go on reading if you’re into tiny and lovely tunes. If you're not familiar with Madcap consider they've an hi-profile lo-fi-poppy-folk-label with an eye open on american music. Beatrice Antolini is a good surprise, definitely able to write refined structured and well arranged songs without throwing it all on the average girl singer a la Cat Power like many nowadays, she went for soft psichedelia (post-Beatlesian) with an ironic feel. Piano, vocals and keyboards are the dominant tools to forge this minimal pop parade, thanks to her brilliant folk attitude she reminded me of Lisa Germano coloured in a definite post sixties salsa, that could also be a fishy coincidence considered one of the two label involved in the production of this debut is run by some Jennifer Gentle's folk (the "master of Sixties" landed on Sub Pop). This "big saloon" could have been influenced (or indirectly remind) some other 4AD female artist like Kristine Hersh or Belly but you know this "saloon"-singer thing is much more close to miss Germano and that's why I’ve put the accent there. A funny, light hearted portrait in a funny lo-fi formula.