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Artist: IMMUNOLOGY (@)
Title: Fallen Angel
Format: CD EP
Label: Advoxya-Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
Somehow this Czech act is to me the lost child of the Advoxya label. Long awaited, here comes their second release on this Russian/Hungarian label. "Fallen Angel" is the most recognized title available originally on their last full-length CD "New Gate", which got released already two years before. It’s a bit hard to categorize the sound of this act. Diversity is richly given, elements of Electro/Industrial, Metal and some chaotic Punk-like styles can be heard in a very explosive and energetic mixture. Also the chosen remixing acts prove their abilities and offer some not expected surprises. IMPACT PULSE have to be mentioned, available here with two different remix works (Hungarian and Russian Modul remixes) on "Fallen Angel" – both offer linearity through straight Electro-styled arrangements). The Czech fellowmen of DEPRESSIVE DISORDER can surprise with a spherical cover version of "Fallen Angel" – I have indeed never before heard about that a band creates instead of a remix a cover version – what a brilliant idea. The Russian act SANGUIS IN NOCTE has instead to the other remixing acts worked out two different remixes on "Hunter", originally also taken from "New Gate". Guitars aren’t foreign for them, but they use it wise in these tracks and can offer an American-like Coldwave feeling. Two new tracks are available as well plus a special live video of "Fallen Angel" to conclude this 45 minutes long EP. IMMUNOLOGY seems to be for Advoxya the act to explore the rather guitar-driven genres and you’ll need to be a bit more open-minded to find the right access on their stuff