Music Reviews

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Artist: PENITENT (@)
Title: Among The Sleepless
Format: CD
Label: Hydra
Rated: *****
The Hydra label is really active and they are planning to release the new Penitent CD at the end of May. Karsten Harmre released his previous Penitent albums three years ago when Beyond Productions and Trinity Records printed "Deserted Dreams" and "A Shapeless Beauty" (CD born from a collaboration with Lucian Olteanu of Museum of Transient Lights, Tronul Ascuns and Wide Open Wings). AMONG THE SLEEPLESS is a sort of compilation which gathers three tracks from each of the CDs I mentioned ("Transfiguration", "The Resurrection of Nativity" and " Epitaph For The Lost Ones" from "Deserted Dreams" and "A Shapeless Beauty", " Throne of The Abyss" and " Demon Trubadour" from "A Shapeless Beauty") plus three new tracks. Even if this release is a compilation of tracks the album has a certain musical theme that, for those of you who don't know the previous releases, could be summarized as a blend of dark ambient and neo-classical martial music. The tracks I preferred are the new ones along with the three coming from "A Shapeless Beauty". In any case it's a pity that sometimes the sounds Karsten uses seem 8-bit samples because with quality orchestral sound, his music would be even more dramatic and involving.
Artist: Alfredo Notarloberti - Martina Mollo (@)
Title: Dark Tango Project
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Alfredo Notarloberti is a sort of icon in Naples, Italy. He’s THE violin player: he worked with innumerable rock/classical/folk groups and orchestras; in particular he played with almost all the bands in Neapolitan dark/gothic area: during the Obscure Festival in May 2005, he’d been always on stage, for hours, while different bands where changing... . ASHRAM, ARGINE, CORDE OBLIQUE, LUPERCALIA, ANIMA IN FIAMME, just to name a few of his collaborations.
Now he’s back with a new bet, DARK TANGO PROJECT, a duo with the pianist Martina Mollo. All instrumental, the CD has the power of being always over the lines, mixing tango influences, classical music, minimal and reflective moments, reaching in "5 letras sobre Marianna y la melancholia" its most profound and intimate apex. "La primera era una mujer muerta" opens with an intense and dramatic crescendo. "Marilenatango" is another beautiful track, ardent and tormented, with a wonderful melody and a pressing piano, giving the impression of life running away, a unbelievable sense of oppression, that something will happen... it would be perfect for a thriller or suspense film. "Fernanda, historia de una fija" is another track I think perfect for a soundtrack, thoughtful and gloomy, while in "Dark Tango" drums and bass complete the arrangement; "Mon revè le 31 Mars", is a piano solo that closes the cd, perfectly suited for a rainy evening, where the piano takes a moment to show what has to say, without the presence of violin. Undoubtedly, a very good work that I hope will be released in future as a full length, another center from Edo Notsrloberti, here excellently joined by Martina Mollo.