Music Reviews

Artist: PUISSANCE (@)
Title: Grace of God
Format: CD
Label: Equilibrium Music (@)
Rated: *****
After three years from "State Collapse", Puissance are back and they have a lot to say and a good amount of new sounds to propose. If you already read the interview I did with them you are aware that the Puissance's trumpet is calling for a people's awakening but I don't want it to sound like a preacher thing because on GRACE OF GOD Puissance don't talk about abstract thing. They talk about world domination: a thing that is happening right now, starting from your tv screen. Anyway, if their themes didn't change too much, their way of playing became more incisive and kinda melodic as on most of the tracks the duo included choirs and electronic pads just to give a support to the sound that in this way sounds powerful than ever. The catchy melodies along with the marching rhythms are a winning solution and if the drums, the piano, the trumpets and the ambience given by the electronic gears help creating a thick sound, the duo on some tracks like "Warzone" or "In Death" change their way of singing by introducing some melody. The effect is amazing and you'll be convinced that this was worth the waiting. Be also sure to check their website for a close examination of Puissance's themes.