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Artist: AFRAID! (@)
Title: Afraid!
Format: 7"
Label: Holidays Records (@)
Rated: *****
Afraid! new single contains only six minutes of music but thanks to their style made of dissonant punk/noise music where you can hear influences which goes from Bikini Kill to Sonic Youth passing through early Jesus Lizards and emo core, you'll be convinced of their value. "The aim generator", "Whenever you go dancing, there will always be someone who does the robot" and "Sweaty Jesus after the miracle" are fast, melodic, complex and well produced and for sure you won't guess that they are Italian as their sound is already perfect for the U.S.A. audience. Check them where you'll find two tracks from this single.
Jun 05 2007
Title: Reference Version
Format: CD
Label: Frightdoll Records (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Personal project of a girl heading from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Frightdoll is one of the few solo woman projects of the e.b.m. scene (I remember of Yendri and Unter Null. Zombie Girl doesn't count because she's not alone). Being able to be there and demonstrate that a girl is able to create the same work a man is able to, despite the fact that we think we are a into a society where men and women are equal, isn't easy and on the musical world this is so true. I'm the first one who's picky about woman's vocals but don't ask me why. Instinct? Dunno. Musical taste I like to think, because I like women vocals into punk music but I'm picky when women sound all ethereal with those whisperings which wish to enchant the listeners. Anyway, we aren't talking about ethereal vocals on this case because the girl behind Frightdoll and behind her futuristic goth look, is able to create a good blend of future pop ("Unit" sounds also a little synthpop and it's a nice instrumental track as well as "Gravity" is a good electro dark pop tune) and e.b.m. Her voice is often filtered or slightly effected and her style is functional to her dark mid tempo songs. Composed using only virtual equipment REFERENCE VERSION is working well without no overproduction or particular tricks. The album grows with as the tracklist proceed and if the first three songs have similar atmospheres, from the fourth one Frightdoll style starts to reveal all its surprises showing a lot of influences and intriguing melodies. I liked her style, her sound and you could check her tracks at her myspace page here: