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Artist: Formication (@)
Title: Agnosia
Format: CD
Label: dark winter (@)
Rated: *****
Released on Dark Winter both on cd and for free download – Agnosia is the new ep by Formication and features a twist in their style but mantains a top notch ritualistic and enigmatic blend of ambient. With "Agnosia" they take distance from coil-influenced electronics ( last year's "Icons for a New Religion " ) to dive deeper into an hard-edged isolationism, the obsessions and compulsions here are similar to those found on the first album by Final. As in their previous album "Redux" there are tracks on this ep with titles but without the precise order – this continuity slows down your mental processes in order to reach a trance-like state. Formication's sound undergoes several permutations and surely requires open ears. As for their previous release,i have the feeling that they are getting close to a masterpiece of dark electronics.