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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Drumpoems Verse 1
Format: CD
Label: Drumpoet Community (@)
Rated: *****
Drumpoet Community is a Switzerland label/community which collaborate with Compost Records to release their stuff. Their latest release is a label compilation titled DRUMPOEMS VERSE 1. It contains twelve tracks which have been previously unreleased or re-edited specially for this release. We have tracks by Foster (here with the original mix and the Quarion remix of "Quiet before the storm", a intriguing cinematic Detroit techno track with the peculiarity of having no drum), Manuel Tur & Dplay ("Rest your senses" is a lush house tune), Soultourist (here with the Dixon Edit of "Turn loose" and "Coming soon" providing us with two hypnotic house/soul tracks), Kawabata ("Movin on" is soulish and house while "Kadena" is more hypnotic with a certain lounge touch and a little bit of techno here and there), Sascha Dive (we have an obsessive and at the same time lushy Samuel Davis Deep4Life mix of "Deep"), Quarion ("Karasu" is a minimal house track which has a nifty tune and a driving 4/4 rhythm), Thabo ("Take root" is a cinematic techno house track with violins and a fat bass line) and The Lost Men ("Head:Unhurt" is a cool techno/hosue tune with a certain dark melody/touch. This one is a sure dance floor filler!). On this compilation lovers of smooth sounds as well lovers of techno house could be satisfied. Check some at