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Artist: Psychotektrauma
Title: Human
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Enough Records (@)
Rated: *****
Yes, that EDEN SYNTHETIC CORPS (ESC) is only sort of the spear top of a new generation of Harsh EBM acts hailing from Portugal. This most western-based European country has more quality Electronica music to offer than most of you would think of. The trio of PSYCHOTEK TRAUMA offers you herewith a free downloadable EP pretty much following that repetitive Hellectro path, which have been walked on by many band of the NoiTekk band roster for instance. PT don’t have to vanish their talent and can rival with some bigger names out of the scene. Best track out the 4 is for sure "Hard Boiled" as being the most straight and up-beating track. PSYCHOTEK TRAUMA surely don’t reinvent the sound and compositional efforts of a more than overfilled genre, but they convince with their sort of work. A special tip to all Hellectro hard-liners to check out a different and new act asides the known acts . Released by the huge Portugal-based net-label Enough Records, which has to offer a huge heap of various music styles provided by new and undiscovered acts worldwide. Regarding PT, lately there has been some inactivity around them, so I hope not to beat a dead horse here....
Apr 09 2009
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Artist: SHIV-R (@)
Title: Parasite
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
This is the debut release of a quite interesting Australian-based newcomer act, but with prominent and experienced Electro/Industrial-musicians hiding behind. SHIV-R is the new playing field of Pete Crane (better known with his Electro-Pop project THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT, signed to the Hungarian Advoxya Records) and Lee Bulig, the brainchild behind the legendary but unfortunately gone Harsh-Electro act STARK. Three original tracks plus two additional remix works by each of the both artists are featured on this first audio sign of life. The title track is of course the main track here, a hard and straight-forward oriented danceable Hellectro tune, which luckily adds niches for a well-done listening procedure too. Pete takes care on the male vocals and he does really well with this, better than expected. Also both additional tracks "Fractured Light" and "Control" aren’t that straight oriented and leave enough room for the listener to consume without to discover another plain Tekkno-oriented bass drum hammering . Oh, and the use of guitar riffs subtle integrated aren’t forbidden for them – a good idea for some variations is always appreciated. A quite promising and well done debut, let’s hope for more of these both talented musicians soon.