Music Reviews

Artist: Active][Hate (@)
Title: Corrosive Intent
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Enoughrecords (@)
Rated: *****
Portugal’s net-label Enough Records scores extremely well with the function of their website, to scroll and search for acts by using keywords. Since more than 200 releases of for the most part completely undiscovered got listed through them, this feature is quite helpful. ACTIVE][HATE is sort of these undiscovered projects so far, but they work hard that this won’t repeat and continue. Next to the recording of this first audio output, some remix contributions for acts like ANIMASSACRE and WYNARDTAGE are witness of a stronger concentration to reach international reputation. But slowly I get the impression, that Portugal is an ideal place for the still ongoing Hellectro-virus, because also ACTIVE][HATE is victims of this. Pretty known acts like EDEN SYNTHETIC CORPS (ESC), their side-project HYSTAKMINE or CONTROL.ALT.DEUS are prominent names out of Portugal, so there should be also a free slot available for ACTIVE][HATE too. Rather more, because this solo-project hasn’t to hide its given talent. The tracks got solid produced, although an authentic sound outfit is still a miss – as with most acts out this special Electro/Industrial genre. Thumbs up too for the aggressive vocal performance, which comes out raw, but without an overtaxing usage of FX manipulation. Dancefloor addicts will by quite enthusiastic with tracks like "My Own God" and "Silent Fire" and I spend also applause for the own produced remix interpretation of a CONTROL.ALT.DEUS-track entitled "Perfekt Hatred". A solid and convincing debut of this project, from which we’ll surely get to hear more of soon.