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Artist: XUBERX (@)
Title: Intelligent Demise
Format: CD
Label: Radio-Active-Music (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
This is a new release brought to us by the North-Eastern-based Radio-Active-Music label. The Virginia-based trio of XUBERX we had already with a first EP release entitled "Rogue State", so they present herewith their first full-length album. Musically I must say that there are light-years between the quality of the EP compared with this album, which can be mainly explained with the grown experience the handle some equipment and the better production of this album. XUBERX are presenting a mostly danceable Electro/Industrial-minded sound outfit, which gets supported by some sleazy guitar riffs. Produced and mastered by Dan Clark of STROMKERN, it’s that of a typical American sounding effort pretty much inspired by the classic Coldwave attitude, while the Electronica-elements are sounding up-to-date. It is generally not the reinvention of a bulb and it rather swims with the average mass, but still a satisfying music construction. Therefore more remarkable in the music of XUBERX is surely the quite different kind of work of the both vocalists, Zomboy and the female member Liebchen. While Zomboy acts like the angry Industrial-shouter which reminds a lot on S. Talada of the veterans STG (a classic and still masterpiece for the Coldwave era, although IDIOT STARE acts as a valuable follow-up project...), Liebchen offers a melodic and classic trained timbre. Since this both kinds are totally contrary to each other, you’d be surprised how well these both voices fit together, if you give it some spins. "The World Ends Today" in its both versions is a great reference and represents the best elements out of both music and vocal performance. Other can be named with the speedy and angry pounding title track or the ominous starting track "Solution". XUBERX offer us a quite convincing first album with a marvelous vocal performance. Applause for the fine ruins-like artwork manipulation, which perfectly suggests the genre in which this act can be sorted in. Latest news report of a coming remix companion release out in spring 2009.
Jan 16 2008
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Artist: XUBERX
Title: Rogue State
Format: CD EP
Label: Radio-Active-Music (@)
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
Another debut release out on Radio-Active-Music, this is the first EP of the Baltimore-based trio XUBERX. Consisting of Zomboy (vocals, lyrics, Cheetahdave (programming, synth, guitars) and the female member Liebchen (vocals, lyrics, live-synths), they got announced as being a new member of the Hellectro/Harsh EBM rush. Well, be assured that they don’t have any deeper relation to this genre, the art-typically use of Trance/Techno elements can’t be discovered at this debut EP. While their rough compositions aren’t surely designed to satisfy the faint-hearted, also XUBERX could need a refreshing and update on their used sounds. It isn’t the freshest water in use here, also the slight use of some guitar riffs in the background will be a hard cake to bite for the genre-lovers. "Rogue State" features at all 8 tracks, but 4 of them are different remix contributions on the title track provided by DHARMATA 101, GALVANAX, APATHETIC NEAD and XUBERX themselves. Asides the also featured original version 3 additional tracks are available here. The kind how Zomboy’s vocals got manipulated lefts out some wishes for the use of an effect, which doesn’t sound like speech out of a radio set. The co-vocals of Liebchen for instance are better constituted and the label comrades of DHARMATA 101 have recognized this in their remix of the title track. Also XUBERX themselves can satisfy with their own "Electrogue"-remix, while the drastically instrumental tune "Nuclear Option" scores thanks to its merciless instrumentation. The upper league to reach the hall of fame are still far away for this trio. But it’s a debut and only an EP, so let’s wait for an album to rethink on them...


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