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Artist: Suicide Commando (@)
Title: Unterwelt
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Metropolis Records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Mailorder
Rated: *****
This is the perfect audible kick in your ass, if you actually had hopes that Harsh-Electro grandfather Johan van Roy would change too much his successfully course of music. His last studio album 'When Evil Speaks' has shown promising tendencies, that Johan searches for a comfortable way to unite his still strong fan-base of the early days with the newer supporters of the Hellectro-youth. The result was quite satisfying with tracks like 'Monster', 'Repent Or Perish', or the re-recording of his classic tune 'Time (Rewind)'. 'Unterwelt' features German lyrics and this one counts definitely to the more harsh arranged tracks and fits better with the newer fans. This Remix-EP offers 9 tracks and it looks like your typical remix contender released rather to share some business relations instead to offer a more valuable art expression of the artist. The content for fans on the hunt for unreleased tracks is limited: 'Body Machine Body (Demo Version)' has been placed on here as a first sign of things to come, but does this poor and unspectacular sounding track allow any euphoric reaction? Johan himself has revamped 'Unterwelt' with a far produced 'Single Edit' plus an 'Apocalypse' version, in which he rather integrates a rather hammering, Downtempo-like rhythm section. It would be a pure lie, if I rate this song as being a highlight of Johan's works, sorry. We then find remix contributions which are entitled to safe more or less dancefloor-movement: Reaper, Binary Park, Nitronoise, and Wynardtage providing the expected stuff. Two remixes need to be specially mentioned here, because they actually fill in some remarkable content: Germany's Acylum once again receives a big thumb-up to have always a quite different view on the given original composition. Their remix on 'Unterwelt' slows down the tempo, adds multiple, ominous sounding voice samples and offers the oppressive, dark mood so often discovered in Acylum's work. Fragilechild are in the position to have received the above mentioned 'Monster' for their remix contribution. The result drifts not too far away from the original, but to integrate flute- or oboe-like sounds into the remix is remarkable. As usual with those remix-contender releases: the result is a 2-sided-sword. The fans will inhale in this stuff and won't find a hair in the soup. To me this release is too obviously business-oriented, rather a fast shot instead to offer a bit more new, or musically more demanding stuff.