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Jan 21 2004
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Artist: SILICON SOUL (@)
Title: Pouti
Format: CD
Label: Disko B (@)
Distributor: Caroline
First released back in 1987 POUTI is the first album of Silicon Soul, a duo formed by K.L. Schafer and Olgalyn Jolly. They had a success in 1981 within the dance clubs with their first single "Who Need Sleep Tonight" (also included into this compilation with two versions: normal and extended) but the success became huge when the labl Disko B re-released it in 1991 making of it an European dance chart topper. The new version of POUTI includes nine tracks: "The Fig", "In Soho", "Who Needs Sleep Tonight", "Pardon Moi", "Woman´s Work", "Every Idiot knows", "California song", "Beat Box Brain" and "Who needs sleep tonight extended version". Musically Silicon Soul, on tracks like "Who Needs Sleep Tonight" or "Pardon Moi", rember me bands like Pink Industry and Kas Product (a French duo that in 1983 released a really good album titled "Kas Product"; their second and final one) but the approach is different as Schafer and Jolly music have got pop, soul and r'n'b influences (see how Olgayn uses her voice). The cold electronic textures composed by K.L. are like little nice robotic soundtracks but Olgayn vocals make them turn into something warm and particular. Following my tastes I must admit that I prefer Pink Industry but in any case Silicon Soul has been a pleasant discovery...


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