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Artist: EO IPSO
Title: Endzeitstimmung
Format: CD
Label: GrenTzwert (@)
Distributor: SX Distribution
Rated: *****
It’s end-time mood for this mysterious German duo and all who’d expected a new harsh EBM output are wrong – Powernoise-Industrial, that’s the formula to describe this sonic assault. Second release also for the new label GrenTzwert after the debut of GREIFENKEIL, this release is a kind of collection of older material mostly presented on obscure and limited releases far beyond my knowledge. It includes of course some new pieces as well, so that this CD can be called a nice collection of the complete work of this act. The offered music fits well into the globally Powernoise/Industrial-Noise genre, it is mostly fat layered and rhythmically arranged. Pogo-like dancefloor action should be guaranteed with the steady tracks like "Erstschlagspolitik" or "Held Für Deutschland". Some words have to been said to the track names, which may do leave here and there some questions. It also has to be said because EO IPSO do provide vocals – as far how much they are understandable through the massive use of distortion and overdrive effects. They integrate phrases by repeating slogans or titles like a phrasemonger over and over again – a special kind to get a hypnotic effect, if the given tracks aren’t somehow noisy and monotonous enough for your taste. It is written in that info sheet that they don’t spread any politically message – well, check yourself with track names like "Millitärkomplex", "Globalisierungsgegner" or both above mentioned. It looks a bit that they follow in their own kind the ideology of a well known act like FEINDFLUG, while musically not comparable. A bit provocation can not hurt, it may can produce attention. Fans of rhythmically Powernoise efforts can’t go wrong with this item.


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