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Artist: Alymysto (@)
Title: Atomgrad
Format: CD
Label: Onyxia
Rated: *****
Atomgrad is the full-length debut of Finland’s Almysto. Alymysto is the project of Mr. Vuorensola (vocals), Mr. Paalanen (guitars/loops), Mr. Honkonen (theramin), and Mr. Haapanen (programming). The theme behind Atomgrad is waking dreams. Everyone has them, right? Maybe so, but I’d venture to say not many people have waking dreams like this (and if you do I strongly suggest checking yourself into a behavioral clinic).

Alymysto’s Atomgrad is nothing short of a spoken word, noisily distorted hell. That’s not to say this album isn’t enjoyableIn fact, Atomgrad is one of the coolest releases I’ve heard in quite some timeBut there is no denying the sheer demented force behind the writing and recording of this album. Atomgrad is noisecore wrought of noise; a surprisingly uncommon thing to find. In an age where bands are all too happy to use a computer program to generate their sound, Alymysto is reaching into the darkest, grittiest lo-fi depths to influence their work.

Atomgrad is 10 tracks of crazed, tape-looping, demonic whispering, distorted breakbeat-boxing from the darkest corners of Alymysto’s subconscious. The vocals walk the line between a possessed Blixa Bargeld (spoken word) and Otto Von Shirach. The music takes on its own life, lulling the listener’s mind into near-complacencyjust enough for the demons to get in and wreak their havoc.


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