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SINO (RE-BUILD PROJECTS): Promote 00 + Promote 01

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Industrial Music / Industrial Metal / Aggro Industrial / Electro Metal
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Feb 07 2003
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Title: Promote 00 + Promote 01
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Self Released
A couple of years ago Sino sent me his first demo and I was surprised by listening to that amount of compressed sounds coming from various music influences. These two new MCDs see Sino dealing with six tracks on the first MCD PROMOTE 00 and four ones plus other four live ones on PROMOTE 01. Some of the tracks are re-arrangements of old ones ("Junk Me", "Sadistic Hyper Love" or "M(A)D") and with the new one define better the sound of the project. In fact it seems that Sino wants to underline (writing it also on the band's name) that this is a project and not only a musical band. On his website is reported that: "Words aren't so important for SINO's description. This sound is the construction of SINO's brain and also of the insanity sound in his heart". Musically as I wrote the first time Sino is a multi layered kind of music which blend different musical styles tearing them until they turn and find a place into the distorted sounds of the music of this project. Guitar is the main instrument that you can easily hear on all the tracks the other sources are distorted samples and synthesizers. You know that over the years alternative Japanese music has been famous for being an extremization of Western one. Well for Sino try to imagine a version of Nine Inch Nails mixed with Ant Zen's bands. Sometimes the instrumental tracks have got a weak structure because they seem to be based on the effect given by the guitar assault but the final result isn't that bad . I was quite curious of listening to the live tracks where Sino (guitar) is helped out by T. Makino (synth and noise) and Masahiro (bass guitar). Well, the gig recorded at Shimokitazawa Shelter in Tokio sounds really powerful and keeps intact the sound's impact they have on CD and probably it has been an experience to remember for their audience. Try some mp3 on their website and give a look to their live photos.


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