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Artist: KAGO (@)
Title: Piimas
Format: CD
Label: Ounaviks (@)
Rated: *****
Released for Ounaviks, a Kohvi Records sub label, Kago's PIIMAS is something you couldn't expect to listen to. I mean, it's the first time I listen to a folkish record with electronic and punk moments. Lauri Sommer created a strange and personal project by melting together really different styles of music. The 26 tracks of the album are a surprise, because you can't imagine what's next. You can find acoustic guitar based songs (which sometimes are treated electronically), choirs sung in Estonian (I suppose), deranged acoustic punk songs and tracks based on Vonnegut´s novels and Brautigan´s poetry where the piano or the guitar create the background. Being particular and really various the album is safe from dullness and if you are into lo-fi music and you appreciate creativity without being afraid of home recording experiments, try this one.


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