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Artist: NEXT LIFE (@)
Title: Electric Violence
Format: CD
Label: Cock Rock Disco (@)
Rated: *****
If I should sum my review I'd say: "wow". Next Life are so original and gather a lot of what I like about different musical genres: tension, distortion, dissonant melodies, originality and rage. Hailing from Oslo, Next Life are a duo formed by Hai Nguyen Dihn (guitar, programming and quadrasid) and Tormod Christensen (synthesizer). Their music is a sort of death metal played with Atari sounds, where most of the tracks sound like a soundtrack of violent arcade games. If the low bit sounds, bleeps and duet with the drum machine that nervously builds a web of upbeat tempos, the guitar cry out loud roaring while the processed vocals make me remember Naked City's Yamatsuka Eye but filtered and reduced to an angry toy. How would it be to be kicked in the balls by Big Jim? Anyway, most of the tracks are two minutes long explosions but sometimes tracks like "Storm" or "Under water" (that are without guitar) make me remember of Philip Glass compositions mixed with Vangelis. Here the melodies create intense moments where you don't bother about the low-fi sounds because they just sound perfect thatway. The longest one is the closing track titled "The dungeon". It starts as a dark ambient track with long notes/sounds just to spread its power after a minutes and a half: it has different moments which create a sort of stop and go effect and it's just beautiful! On the multimedia section you can also enjoy a live video of the band where you can check how much great they are.

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