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Title: Mute
Format: CD EP
Label: Rave Police (@)
Rated: *****

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Techno Squirrels is a new band coming from California but Lisa and Ryan met in Liverpool back in 1999. Lisa grew up in Sweden and after England she moved to L.A. They had both a musical past (Ryan played in different rock bands) but they find themselves stuck into techno rhythms. This forced them to find a way to collaborate just to make their own music. Rebirth and Reason software helped them sharing files and thanks to this they released through Rave Police their first single MUTE. MUTE contains two original tracks ("Mute" and "405") plus two remixes of the main track. The first time I listened to their music I immediately thought about Madonna's "Ray of light" because Techno Squillers' music is poppy and dancey at the same time. I must admit that the two tracks are nice but I'm not screaming because of them. They sound too polished for my tastes but they for sure could work well for the wider audience. The remixers took the original track and tried to experiment a little bit with it giving to it a nineties techno sound ("Jonah Afterglow coming to LA Mix") or a eighties analog version ("The Puff remix Feat. Crisp").

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