Music Reviews

Artist: Chiasm (@)
Title: Relapse
Format: CD
Label: COP International (@)
Rated: *****
Magnificent. Chiasm (aka Emileigh Rohn) has really done it here with her new cd masterpiece, "Relapse". This is a follow up from her previous critical acclaimed release "Disorder", a second full length album on California's COP International Records. Its signature sound is electronic/industrial with passionate ethereal vocals, excellent and moving lyricism. Each track on disc is worth listening to without skipping. Songs about love, pain, escaping the past, and looking for one's self to have a perfect life. Emileigh delivers another power punch album that's very emotional, simply wonderful, abroad, and catchy melodies, driving synths and samples. Two mixes as bonus tracks "Rewind (Floating Tears Mix by Zentriert ins Antlitz)" and "Surrender (Dark Techno Mix by TL5)" are included. Highlight tracks include "Embryonic", "Delay", "Still" and "Phobic". Pick up the album.

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