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Artist: Paleowolf
Title: Genesis
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
Paleowolf is the side project of Scorpio V of Metatron Omega and this release is presented as "a prehistoric journey from before civilization made its mark on the world". This means that a particular descriptive effort was made in the development of this release to resemble the cinematographic idea we have of those people so there's a palette heavy focused on those sounds we culturally perceive as primitive.
The heavy beats of "Call of Fire" introduce a sort of harmonic chant which set this release closer to certain ritual music rather than dark ambient. The wind instruments used in "Archaic Eon" creates an atmosphere of menace which is loosed by the chants. The field recordings of a river introduce "Hunter II", a track based on a strong rhythmic cage where the voices remind the hunt of the title and create a cinematic effect. "Earthspirit" is a meditative track focused on drones so the drums underline the atmosphere rather than drive it. "Eastern Tribes" continues the path of the previous track sounding as an interlude to the final tracks of this release: "Across the Mythic Ocean", a track whose atmosphere is often solemn, and "Permafrost" whose overall quietness reminds the phenomenon of the title.
An unusual release from this label that is usually really focused on a particular variant of dark ambient based on detailed drone and crafted sound. The use of chant, drums and the religious atmosphere created by the chants a sort of easy listening ritual music which will be enjoyed by most fans and is without pretentious ambition. It's worth more than a listen.

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