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Artist: Red Storm (@)
Title: Alert
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
Polish band Red Storm is predominantly Agnieszka Lesna, along with cohorts Szymon Swierczynski, Jaroslaw Malicki, Hubert Heyn, and Dario Chiereghin. (Only Szymon, Jaroslaw and Dario on this album.) 'Alert' is their debut album, but if the name Agnieszka sounds familiar, perhaps that's because she was (and perhaps still is) the lead vocalist of the goth-metal band Desdemona. I hadn't heard Desdemona previously so I checked out a couple of their tracks, and they were pretty good. On 'Alert' though, Agnieszka absolutely KILLS! From start to finish this is one fuck of an album full of fantastic dark pop goodness in the goth-electro vein with hooks galore, stellar arrangement and production, and that certain something that makes the cream rise to the top. Over these ten tracks 'Alert' proves that Red Storm is a force to be reckoned with.

Perhapas the reason why the production is so great has to do with the album being co-produced by the Chilean Ivan Muñoz (singer of Chile's electro-industrial group Vigilante, and also working with Die Krupps, Atari Teenage Riot, Hani Elias and others) and John Fryer (co-founder of This Mortal Coil, and previously working with Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Peter Murphy, Nine Inch Nails, and many others) along with Agnieszka. DJ Bactee also contributed loops to a few songs. Right from the opening track "Control", Agnieszka indeed takes control and draws you in, and there is no escaping for as long as you are her audience. Potential hits come fast and furious, one after another as Agnie lets you know that "Love is Pain", perhaps because she's suffered a bit on the road to becoming "Famous", because "Everything" they told you is a lie. Is she "The One" you've been looking for? Probably. On "Mood" and "Anymore" Red Storm reminds me a bit of Alice in Videoland meets Garbage. The energy doesn't lag on "High" or "Red Storm" either. While not steeped in goth, there are plenty of gothy touches on 'Alert', such as the operatic chorus samples and orchestral instrumentation on "Everything" and the dark Depeche Modey synthwork on the last track, "Lovely". Speaking of synthwork, it's pretty damn good throughout. Oh, and of course most everything here with its infectious rhythms would work really well on the dancefloor.

I don't usually do this but I peeked at a couple of other reviews and was quite perplexed that these likely jaded reviewers weren't totally bown away by this album. Even my wife loved it and she's the harshest music critic EVER! I truly believe Red Storm has a chance to make it well beyond the confines of the genre with 'Alert', and I don't see that happening very often with bands we review on Chain D. L. K. If you disdain any kind of pop music then Red Storm is not for you, but all others should seek this out and immediately buy it, because it's just that damn good.

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