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Artist: Zenial (@)
Title: Minotaur
Format: 12" vinyl + DVD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****
This new release from Zenial is an LP supported by a DVD where most of his composition were portrayed by WÅadysÅaw Szulc and Marian Kraczkowski. As almost all composition were recorded in a residency in the Stockholm EMS studio, the musical output is vaguely reminiscent of the old days of electronic music where all sound were mainly generated by oscillators and so they deserved a particular tones, something which today sounds old and new. As a mirror to this approach the visual part were shot in 16mm so it has the same visual style of the post war's avant-garde.
The synths of "Minotaur" open this release balancing noise and atmosphere while "Lament of Ghoul" is focused on loop and rhythm. "Hades" moves even if it seems to be a static track. "Soul Check" closes the first side of this release showing a clear vision of the sound palette to use.
The B side is open by "Serapeum" a cinematic track using foley sound to enhance his evocative premise and "Gorgona" follow further in this part as, while a loop is in the foreground, the background is based on a richly detailed soundscape. "Live in Braunschweig: psychopomp" closes this release presenting the more noise oriented side of this artist which relies on musical impact.
"Minotaur/Chimera" is a DVD which gives this release a visual part so "Serapeum", directed by WÅadysÅaw Szulc and Marian Kraczkowski, creates abstract figure from fluids while "Minotaur" features geometrical figures. "Lament of Ghoul" depicts a view of a sort of monk in a sort of cemetery while in "Gorgona" he's working in his cell. "Hades" returns to abstract geometrical figures. The three remaining tracks are from the previous release "Chimera" and are based on different visual concepts: "Chimera" is a street movie shot in a place, "Rosora 28" is based on light procedures synchronized with the rhythmic sine wave and "Rosora 28 : Wymiar 4/5" closes this DVD juxtaposing the two approaches.
Even if the musical output is based on a codified form is so focused on carefully developed form that is charming in his details, the DVD included in some copies of the LP shows the talent of WÅadysÅaw Szulc and Marian Kraczkowski of creating abstract images with analogue means. It's so enrolled with the nostalgia of a time where artist creates something with nothing that it's really worth a reverent listening.

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