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Artist: I-LP-O In Dub
Title: Communist Dub
Format: 2 x 12" vinyl
Label: Editions Mego
Rated: *****
Ilpo Vaisanen, one leg of the highly appreciated Pan Sonic artistic liaison together with Mika Vainio, has often grasped ska and Jamaican dub sonorities in many of his (both solo and collaborative) outputs, but the usage of Dub wrapping on this release is slightly different from the conventional way of transplanting the "language" of a genre into another artistic entity. You could imagine that Ilpo used dub as an algorithm to process the usual historical reflection about the adverse environmental and mental effects of any kind of -isms, where the choice of the reference to communism in the title shouldn't be considered as a specific target. You can guess such a concept by the plenty of references to old and contemporary entries in human history ("Uncle Ho Sticks", "Benghazi Affair", "Donetsk Disciples", "Donbass Hybrid" and so on); any -ism is the hardening of a seemingly agreeable value or word that gradually lead to the degradation and the brutalisation of the supposedly desirable idea of civilization those -isms were seemingly tryng to reach. "Hardness and strength are death's companions. Pliancy and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being. Because what has hardened will never win", said Aleksandr Kajdanovskij in Tarkovskij's masterpiece Stalker and Ilpo's declension of dub seems to let stiff and fluid sonic entities, sliding frictionless echoes and heavily bumping attritions collide in order to render such a concept. The "sunniest" moments occur in the track with references to rudealis, a variety of cannabis that grows in the coldest areas of Siberia and Mongolia, whose natural behaviour has something to say to humans: the low temperature of the regions where it grows seems to persuade the plant to embrace other species and foster crossbreeds... Check it out!

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