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Artist: 99 Blows (@)
Title: I/O
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: clang (@)
Rated: *****
Some icy gushes, which sound blowing on the title track "I/O" together with a sort of description of his concept of music making, open the debut release by Danish electronic musician and former guitar player Rasmus Vestervig, who rendered what was occurring, the notorious Hurricane Sandy storm, outside This Is Care Of's studio facility in Manhattan, New York, where he recorded a rough version of this elegant assay of electronic dub-house, which was later polished and refined in his studio in Copenhagen. In spite of this element, internal heating system of TICO's studio where 99 Blows found the ideal dwelling place for its birth in between the soothing warmth of vintage organs, a pile of synths and drum machines, which had to be popped in a Danish hatchery by means of analog tubes, tape echo and various effects which helped to shape the definitive release in a familiar environment. After the above mentioned introduction that gets unfolded over a relaxed movement which could recall German chill-out stuff of late 90ies, 99 Blows warms its first sonic output by a nice housey groove, which seems to mirror the memory of the music for catwalks on "Tanzen Am Banhof", which sounds distant as if the storm managed to freeze NYC perpetual fashion weeks, and keeps on highlighting the lukewarm effect of nice memories by wrapping the synth-driven evanescences on the following "EFD" by means of really vintage acid-house bleeps and groovy percussive replays (you could imagine a sort of reshuffling and hybridisation of Sabres Of Paradise and 808 State), whose whiff sustains the structure of the final "Desolee" as well.

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