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Artist: Ital
Title: Endgame
Format: 2 x 12" vinyl
Label: Planet Mu (@)
Rated: *****
It's no lazy accident I've been waiting so much time to say something about new Ital's release, as I could have expected further releases by this excellent sonic explorer in order to develop the ideas he sketched on "Endgame" or just point the musical territories he'd like to scout. First of all it sounds everything but an end of his games, but I'd rather say its stylistical transitions has the features of a transition to a radical change of his path. Given that he keeps on deserving a special place in the almost faceless mass of the overcrowded tech-housey pool, Ital sounds like prepping a cryostasis chamber since the beginning of this album: the opening "Relaxer" is chilling in a literal sense as any element got frozen as soon as it appears, the title track "Endgame" imprisons an housey groove into computational crystals, the trigger mechanism of the cold techno of "Whispers In The Dark" follows an almost conking cycle, the over-echoed metallic hits of "Coagulate" rises the viscosity of a bassline whose degree of acidity equals the one of some stuff by Jeff Mills, the slinky groove of "Dancing" sounds like flooding, the liquid gushes from the fountain of "Concussion" turn into naphtalene as they spurt out, the female whispers of "Beacon" sounds like coming from the icy sculpture of a beautiful princess, the shaking pressure of "White II" as well as the fading transmissions of "Black Dust" and the frozen gurgling of "Oche" could give you the shivers. Is he going to keep on cooling down or up his core? I presume that Daniel Martin-McCormick will let us know soon...

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