Music Reviews

Artist: Mr.Mitch (@)
Title: Don't Leave
Format: 12"
Label: Planet Mu (@)
Rated: *****
Belonging to a group of rare producers who are managing to find new creative pathways to so-called grime, Mr.Mitch finally got signed by Planet Mu after he gained some visibility by means of Boxed 'Instrumental Grime' night and excellent releases on his own Gobstopper label, and if you have never listened to anything by this guy, many listeners who like this genre (and surrounding ones) will immediately suss his talent out by listening to this appetizer which precedes his forthcoming album "Parallel Memories". That sort of supplication on the opening "Don't Leave" (me complete the looping refrain) whose synth chords and floating drums sound like mirroring tears give you an idea of the unusual emotional alveoli that Mr.Mitch's grime airs out and such an intense ventilation gets closer to harrowing sentimentalism of Sebastian Tellier or Trentemoller on "Padded" after turning into a proper bordline poem Ruffneck's notorious refrain "everybody wants to be somebody" on "Be Somebody" and before getting closer to the typical mood of the genre on the final "Oh", whose mellow marimba, bouncy bumps and syllabic interjections. Really tasteful grime!

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