Music Reviews

Artist: Ultramundane (@)
Title: Exiled
Format: CD
Label: Self Release
Distributor: Mp3
Ultramundane is based out of Georgetown, South Carolina and consists of Shaadie and Shanna. A male and female duo who created an unique sound that's darkwave symphonic. Their very first debut release "Exiled" has been spinning many many nights in my boom box cd player in my bedroom because of the soft keypads and ethereal laidback feel. The self-titled kicks off as an instrumental with synths playing softly and smoothly. "Blasphemy And Her Six Cats" comes next, but don't let the song title fool you. The track is about a woman who's not getting attention from her man. But when he's seeking attention, she ignores him. Hmm, this is a everyday life thing in a relationship. "Eclipse" is trancy with a warm passion and Shanna whispering softly in a seductive way. This song I'm about to talk about have a deep true meaning. "In Flames & Winds" have such beautiful strings. A gentle classy touch that can be used as a theme for a love story film. The song speaks of a woman who haven't been in love, never and felt love, and don't believe in love until... You guess it. The right man came along and opened her eyes and showed her what true love is. Now, it's obvious to hear a band who have a comparison sound to The Machine In The Garden. You can hear it in "Traverse To Torment." The piano starts off as an intro. On "Your Memories" (dark tunnels remix), the piano and strings are played together romantically. It have a classical structure with a mid-tempo beat. Ultramundane is indeed original and very interesting to hear. They've reached new heights and sound like no other darkwave artists. Their music is a significant of beauty and compassionate art form with dreamy vocals so compelling. "Exiled" has amazed me, lifted me mentally, physically, and sexually and worthwhile listening during my sleeping, and making mad passionate love to my woman.

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