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Artist: Hoofus (@)
Title: Several Wolves
Format: CD
Label: Exotic Pylon Records (@)
Rated: *****
Even if they're off-topic, when I read the title and analyzed the content of this bizarre and mottled record by Norfolk-based 8-bit juggler Andre Bosman aka Hoofus, some lines from the lyrics of a recent song by Massive Attack, supposedly inspired by the notorious myth of Psyche: "Gain the Wolf/Conjure me as a child/Slipping down a webside". On closer inspection and by means of stretching flights of fancy, the inner and somehow lopsided narrative plot that Andre manages to weave from a bunch of amazing manipulations of old-fashioned videogame regurgitations could be considered as an act of love to a shadow entity and its adventurous happenings within the plot of a programmer, which sound somehow mirrored by the short-lasting twenty tracks of this release. Besides some chaotic electronic clots such as the initial "Data Shunt '89", the flickering gangrenes of "Tangled", the vitriolic spurts of "Right Here, Over There" or seemingly awkard closed loops ("We'll Always Have that Time the Never Happened", "Black Butter"), there are many moments when the imaginary computerized verbosity of the above-mentioned platform hero got almost humanized or at least closer to human manners. You could almost feel an attempt of childish vocalization on the stammering rhythm of "We Used The Darkness For A Light", a sort of temper tantrum on the clashes of "Night Forage", a certain mechanical dejection on "Disorder" and a sort of temporary emancipation from its digital consistency on tracks like "The Instant", "Places" or "Nearly Was" - that's how a game boy cold sound after having been cracked by Boards Of Canada... - or even displays of compassionate pleading on tracks like "Power Lines Lament" or "Quicksand Then Tea". Very nice process-generated stuff.

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