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Artist: Marina Rosenfeld (@)
Title: P.A./Hard Love
Format: 12"
Label: Room40 (@)
Rated: *****
Formerly inventor of some interesting art and conceptual installations, New York-based whimsical composer Marina Rosenfeld manages to annex new stylistical territories by surprising phagocytosis in cahoots with Korean witty avamt-garde cello performer Okkyung Lee and notorious vocalist (and former collaborator of The Bug) Annette Henry aka Warrior Queen, who accepted the invitation by Rosenfeld to provide her warm vocals on the occasion of the album version of P.A./Public Address project that she nurtured between 2009 and 2011. The first performance occurred at the Park Avenue Armory, New York, where she successfully tested P.A., a quasi-scultural sound system, based on a series of customized subs and horns, which grabbed the noises from these wide location and exploited the sonic properties of the vast buildings where she used to perform, while the second performance was held in Renshaw Hall, Liverpool, an operating car park for the exhibition "No Longer Empty at the Liverpool Biennial". The adaptation for the album emphasizes the outlandish syncretism between electroacoustic, conceptual art, astonishing vocal manipulations, dub and reggaeton elements (more distinguishable on the "spacialized riddim" of the track "Hard Love"), which sound like particles fluttering inside an aural magma and flickering electronic clouds together with amplified external captures. The final mesmerizing, shifty and somehow elusive result could be considered a possible unheard-of declension of dub, whose various elements could sound like clues of intersecting parallel universes.

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