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Artist: David Sinfield / League Of Nations
Title: Oblique Strategy / For A Moment / Music For The New Depression
Format: 12" vinyl + 7"vinyl
Label: Anna Logue Records (@)
Rated: *****
David Sinfield started in the early 80s as a solo act and released a tape album titled "Oblique Strategy". A year later he, along with Laurie Jean, formed League of Nations and released in 1982 the "For A Moment" 12" containing four tracks and, in 1984, an album titled "Music For The New Depression" for Glaze Recordings. All these releases from these Los Angeles guys have been really collectable (of League Of Nations' album there's also a bootleg) and Anna Logue Records can't believe when David approached them a couple of years ago offering them to reissue his recordings. Now, the label is proud to offer to the lovers of minimal wave the complete recordings on CD and LP 7" (note that on the vinyl version "Systematics Eyes", track coming from the 12", is missing but there's the version of the album). The seven tracks coming from "Oblique Strategy" span from uptempo electronic wave catchy songs ("N.Y. Two" is a real hit a la John Foxx) to piano intimate songs accompanied by synth and drum (check "Laurue" or "Canon") passing from minimal synth instrumentals ("Rosegardens" or "Sombre Whales"). The first League Of Nations' 12" opened with a version of "Fade", track also present on the album which blend nice cold atmospheres with romantic vocals and memorable synth melodies, and contains also "Thin Ice Door", a song that mixed minimal a approach to a post punk attitude (I hear a certain Joy Division influence). The album had only six tracks of which three were also on the previous 12". It opened with "Illuminous", a sort of psychedelic electronic song and followed with a cold electronic mid tempo titled "Overlord". On League Of Nations David dismissed the piano and the minimal ambient atmospheres just to stick on minimal wave ones (only the closing "For A Moment" has some parts of both elements). This is a treasure box for you minimal wave aficionados and if you would like to taste a bite of this "cake", just hit this link

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