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Artist: Anatomia De Vanitats
Title: The Anthropic Principle
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
Anatomia De Vanitats is Mercé Spica from ELDARs solo project, and this album is inspired by the Anthropic Principle stating that any valid theory of the universe must be consistent with the existence of human beings.
Musically speaking this an almost classic dark ambient album searching for a clearer sci-fi atmosphere than other release of this label.
"Reflector" opens this release with a slowly moving filtered noise with some small found sound for the creation of the atmosphere. "Igneus" moves on quieter territories for the first part while the second is on noisier ones. "Ether" is almost on dark ambient territories with sharp insert of noise above menacing layer of sound and a loop of didgeridoo. "Fluid" is an almost quiet atmospheric interlude based on found sounds to "Absolut" that opens quietly with careful sculpted sounds and is slowly colored by a drone and sparse metallic beats. "Material" is constructed on dark drones while "Geminal" is based on the noises similar to the ones used in the album until a sharp constructed slowly line close the track and serves as an introduction to "Atomic" that close the album in an almost sci-fi cinematic atmosphere in his uses of resonances.
This albums is based on carefully constructed atmosphere, with the aid of the mastering by Simon Heath, on the usual form of the genre and so, even if is not a ground breaking release, it reveal the search for a personal interpretation of dark ambient. A really nice release for fans.

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