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Artist: Gerwin (@)
Title: Against The Clock/See Thru My Eyes
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: IM:Ltd (@)
Distributor: Triple Vision
Rated: *****
One of the top scorers of renowned hyperkinetic French dnb label IM:Ltd, Bordeaux-based dj and producer Gerwin, outdoes himself by signing another great release, which is arguably his cutting-edge at the moment together with the collaborative track "Lying Portraits". The atmospheric introduction, lying on trembling suspenseful sonorities, ends with a sharpened sine wave, which often recurs on this ideal fight against time on "Against the Clock" and ignites an engaging breakbeat-oriented stride, which got strengthened by a minblowing ultra-low-pitched sub-bass, metallic suctions, stretched clicks and a vocal sample, which will make you think about the strain of such a tiring struggle. On the flipside, "See Thru My Eyes" sounds equally winsome by means of hypnotical sliding bass tones, vocal fragments, cavernous effects, slamming hits and temporary "exotic" intervals, but it seems that Gerwin preferred to emphasize the cinematic aspect, which could you let think about the fighter of the previous track, who ask his imaginary opponent or maybe the listener to inspect his soul thereupon he absorbed all shocks of last-gasp fight. Did he win? Who knows! In the meanwhile, just enjoy this contagious last ditch effort. This release is just digital at the moment, but I could surmise that vinyl will follow.

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