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Artist: Pavla Mikulasova (@)
Title: Mirror
Format: CD
Label: Decadance Records (@)
Rated: *****
Even though I cannot say it's original at all, this debut release by Czech-born and Italy-based singer and pianist Pavla Mikulasova is quite palatable and the main reason is the element the entire album has been focused on, Pavla's voice, which sounds mellow, emotionally intense and evocative enough. She decided to graft her vocal cords on a stylistical soil which is not virgin at all and this is maybe the main defect of this record, despite the fact that she manages to resemble some worthy past experiences, such as some stuff from the most seraphic part of the repertory by In The Nursery or Ophelia's Dreams (for instance, songs like "Black Out", "Anonymous day" or "The little angel" could evoke ITN's songs like "Poema", "Hallucinations?" or "Duality"), and sometimes smoke music with blurry reminiscences of folk from Eastern Europe. The persistence of themes like the obsession for the passing of time, which has often been recalled by samples of clockworks and various references in the lyrics, the ephemeral essence of beauty, the melancholic coziness of memories (one of the best song has been dedicated to her grandmother, like the whole album) wink at typical listeners of the genre, but walk on the dangerous edge of hackneyed cliches and even the contribution by guest musician Roberto Conforti (Pulcher Femina), who duets with Pavla on "Overdose" and additional vocals by notorious actress Nastassja Kinski on the meaningful song "The Magic Mirror" don't downsize the above-mentioned risk. Anyway there are both premises and skills for further improvement of the musical framework and I'm pretty sure that many musicians who will discover Mikulasova's voice by means of this record could pursue her for a musical partnership.

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