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Artist: Arkane (@)
Title: Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction
Format: CD
Label: Twilight Records
Rated: *****
Produced by Twilight Records and The Fossil Dungeon, "Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction" is the third Arkane album. Composed by seven movements, the new album is a concept based on Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" movie ritual scene. Arkane wanted to explore the ritualistic eroticism under the mysticism of the mask. As you can read doing a research on the net, on that scene there are numerous allusions to the CIA's Mk- Ultra mind control experiments (occurred during the 50s/60s period) and Monarch sex slave programming (there have been stories of dozens of men and women who claim to have been forced into sexual slavery for the wealthy and powerful by none other than our own Central Intelligence Agency, through an offshoot of the MK-ULTRA mind control program known as Project Monarch such as the Gary Condit's 'sex slaves' case). With this in mind, you'll approach the album ready to go with the flow of the female vocal trying to enchant you, the male recitative vocal (performed by Stephen Svanholm of Sibelian) naming the ritual like a mantra and the cyclic orchestral writing scores. No rhythms have been used on this album and I think that the reason is that Arkane wanted to enhance the hypnotic effect of the music. "Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction", "Mesmersed Seductrise", "Mesmerising Masquerade", "Masqueara Mesmerised", "Mesmerism Seductiva", "Mascarada Sedition" and "La Masquerada Mystique" will succeed into arouse your senses with their sound? Check the album cover and answer yourselves...

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