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Artist: Sabled Sun
Title: Signals II
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
For the first part of this series there's some linear notes on the release page with the cover and the name of the track. For the first part of this series I was not sure to understand the reason for this apparent incommunicability as it could be a statement about the faith on the capability of music to communicate his meaning without any note or is the implicit assumption that it's an exercise in style and so it has to be evaluated only for his technical values.
This series is based upon signals from space that the protagonist of the albums "2145" and "2146" finds during his journey. Musically speaking, this track is based on almost his entirety on low frequency drones with juxtaposed some noises, mainly in the first part of the track, and some stereo effects to create some small variation. Every drone lasts for some minutes after which there's the entrance of the other. In the last minutes there's an high frequency drone introducing the listener to the end of the track.
As other release of this project there's a quite obscure contradiction between the high quality audio result of the spectrum utilized and the almost trivial musical development. If this album is heard through headphones there's the possibility to appreciate all the small noises inserted in the texture and the clear audio spectrum, but it sounds as the copy of the first release. Only for those who appreciated "Signals I".

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