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Artist: The Danse Society (@)
Title: Scarey Tales
Format: CD
Label: Society Records
Rated: *****
"Scarey Tales" is the second album of the reborn The Danse Society that, after their "Change Of Skin" happened one year and half ago, bring to the fans five new tracks plus a cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit". The new album's concept is focused on classic scary tales and if you think that many of them were transposed into movies, why not taking inspiration from classic tales like "Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde", "Alice In Wonderland", "The Raven", etc. for an album? Think about Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" that has been shot in the 1935 by Lew Landers and by Corman in 1963, "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" (this one had so many transposition in 1908, 1920, 1931, 1941, etc) and think about the atmosphere they were able to create. The Danse Society with "Message In The Wind", "White Rabbit", "The Scarecrow", "The Tale", "The Wof" and "Jekyll & Hyde" are able to make you enter a world made of mystery and darkness. They do it mixing their elements with sorcerers' ability: in thirty-seven minutes of music Maetheyiah, Pauk Nash, David Whitaker, Martin Roberts and Paul Gilmartin are defining their new sound even more compared to "Change Of Skin" and it's made of epic synth orchestrations, powerful drumming/bass lines and guitar melodic arpeggios that time to time tun into power chords. Last but not least we have Maeth's voice, that has a central role into their music. Tracks like the opening "Message In The Wind" or "The Tale" are powerful and sensual and I'm sorry to point it out like for "Change Of Skin", Maeth is the new Siouxie. Her voice is powerful, melodic, vibrant and expressive and even if I loved their 80s songs, I love also their new sound. Wrapped in a book which contains a rhyme poem and lots of fabulous illustrations by the best artists around, "Scarey Tales" is available at £ 7.00 (plus postage and packing) at the band's website.

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