Music Reviews

Artist: Jacob Felix Heule & Bryce Beverlin II (@)
Title: Intersects
Format: CD
Label: Eh? (@)
Rated: *****
This was an interesting one. At first I was concerned about what I was hearing. 'Intersects,' a collaboration between Jacob Felix Heule and Bryce Beverlin II, is a live recording of 2 longform improvisation pieces which begins with sporadic drums and percussion that seem to have little rhyme or reason, which had me reminiscing of a certain scene from 'Joe's Apartment' where Joe makes a less than spectacular drumming debut in a band called 'SHIT.' However, the rocky start is not the only thing this release has to offer. It slowly builds, the percussion tightening and falling in line with Beverlin's random, yet focused arrangement of noises. There is a point where the audio drops to almost complete silence, at which point some electronics are introduced, allowing some droning bass tones to set a backdrop for a little ambient horror, and it's quite wonderful. As time elapses, the noise creeps back in, this time somehow a much more relevant context. The second performance opens with what sounds like a growling bear and an input jack static loop. It grows and grows to a huge monstrosity (using the term in the most endearing of ways I assure you) that fills the senses with waves that bring about a very primal feeling to the core. I think this piece is far stronger than it's counterpoint; at the same time it's also noisier, grimier. It does have its point where it slowly becomes more ambient, and those parts are just as good as the louder movements, however, throughout both pieces, in several spots over the duration of the record, it seems as though volume drops have been employed to suggest a quieter, more ambient atmosphere than perhaps was naturally occurring. I'm not sure if this was on purpose or the fault of a heavy handed compression at mastering, but it can be a bit distracting. That and the intro aside, 'Intersects' is a fine example of longform improve (which I am a huge fan of) that at its peaks doesn't disappoint.

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