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Artist: Leslie Winer
Title: &c.
Format: CD
Label: The Wormhole (@)
Rated: *****
Before pre-millenium anxiety and pre-apocalyptic spiffs by Tricky, teardrops, adulterated milk and wantonness by Massive Attack and even before the embryonic maternal heartbeats by Smith & Mighty, a talented beautiful girl, who after a career as a bad-tempered supermodel forged her great artistic personality, put the foundations of that genre which has been labelled as trip-hop to such an extent that she has deservedly been defined as "the grandmother of trip-hop" in spite of the fact she objected to such a definition as she prefers to speak about a sort of mutual influence with above-mentioned musicians. But if you have a listen to this impressive collection which retraces the musical history of Leslie Winer and includes many tracks of the forerunning release "Witch", whose original release date (1993 on Transglobal, featuring Karl Bonnie, Jah Wobble and Helen Terry) got delayed after a white label got printed in 1990 and didn't gained so much visibility just for limited budget, you will recognize both stylistical seeds and themes (including what it will be later labelled as "dazed and confused") which got transmitted in many records in the aftermath as well as a vocal expressivity and a lyrical and poetical depth which haven't so many terms for comparisons yet. That remarkable album managed to stimulate brainwaves in many important musicians such as Bjork, Bomb The Bass, Bill Laswell, Mekon, Grace Jones, who succeeded in grabbing a collaboration with her. Compiled by DCPM and mastered by Denis Blackham in the enchanting set of Scottish Isle of Skye last August, this retrospect about sister Leslie as she got dubbed on the song "If" will be followed by "10 Pomes Fin (Irish Wristwatch)', first volume of Winer's poems. Really unmissable gear.

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