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Oct 13 2011
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Artist: IMPAKT
Title: Resonant Escape
Format: 12"
Label: Solar One Music
Rated: *****
RESONANT ESCAPE E.P. is the sister E.P. to the "Resonant Escape" CD album that has been released on June always by Solar One Music. Containing six tracks of which four new ("Dance The Pain Away" and "At The End" were already present into the CD), RESONANT ESCAPE E.P. is containing tracks which I think didn't find place on the CD but that aren't rip offs. The E.P. opens with "Computer Boogie", a robotic 4/4 bouncing dance tune with a touch of histerya. "Dance The Pain Away" is a nice instrumental retro electro upbeat track which sounds like a soundtrack of a travel as gathers melancholic melodies and syncopated rhythms. "Resonant Escape" was already released into Impakt's first digital album "Brb, Writing Some Tunes On My Computer". It's a short two minutes and half mix of i.d.m. rhythms and slow melancholic arpeggios. B-side opens with an ironic track titled "Sodomacid" which mixes porn samples and acid music. It has nice stop and go and electronic lashes. "Come On, Ah Yeah" mixes acid bass sounds, fast obsessive rhytms and tiny monophonic leads which play nice melodies. "At The End" closes the E.P. with an atmosphere similar to "Dance The Pain Away" but sounding a little faster: electro synth leads and pads form a web of intricated melodies that come and go which make me think of a man running toward a distant point who sometimes stops to breath a little just to start his run. Nice release which is available in only 200 copies.

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