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Title: EP
Format: 7"
Label: EE Tapes (@)
Rated: *****
Active during the late 80s/early 90s, Nostalgie Eternelle were a German duo formed by Stefan Heinze (aka Inox Kapell) and Dieter Mauson from Delta-Sleep-Inducing-Peptide. During that span of time they released different tapes and participated to many tape compilations. As far as I know they never had nothing released on vinyl until now that EE Tapes decided to make their music revive in the form of a four track 7" EP. Gathering four 1988 compilation tracks, EP, let the lovers of minimal synth sounds get acquainted with Nostalgie Eternelle's style. The 7" opens with "Without You", a track originally released on "Suoni Distorti", a compilation released back then by the Italian label Stella Mars. It is a sort of love/despair song which musically sounds like an early The Fall track (mainly because of the vocals), based on a bass line, synth monophonic bleeps and a drum machine. "Too Late To Be Sad" is an instrumental track with only synth sounds and based on an obsessive drumming/synth line with analog synth noises. Later a post punk bass line is added. Its atmospheres are kinda melancholic. "Conquest" is a synth wave/post punk tune with theatrical vocal interpretation where despair is the main element. "Just Darkness" was originally released on "Decline Vol.1" by the Italian label Discipline Prod (label run by Gianfranco Santoro, guy who is releasing in these days for his Final Muzik label a Nostalgie Eternelle CD compilation) and it is a minimal experimental synth tunes with monophonic noises, simple melodic lines and dissonant parts. Nice release...

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