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Apr 21 2011
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Title: Irresistible
Format: 12"
Label: Last Known Trajectory
Distributor: Interstellar Sound
Rated: *****
'Irresistible' is the newest EP from The Exaltics & is the second 12" that Robert Witschakowski has released on the Last Known Trajectory label. The EP contains seven new tracks which are perfect as the soundtrack to the alien invasion The Exaltics' music is about. The EP opens with "Uncontrollable Forces", a short introduction which, like a tribal drum mixed with an air raid siren, sounds like a warning. "Irresistible" has a fast syncopated bass/drum rhythm which, along with the hypnotic arpeggio, duet with alien hisses and noises creating a dark scenario. "Relentless" sounds like thousands robots marching commanded by a mad scientist who plays his organ to lead them toward the city; Acid sounds and synth echoes do the rest. "Calculate" plays with Detroit electro style thanks to its synth pads in conjunction with syncopated bass lines. "Negative Agency" sounds acid and robotic thanks to 8bit grinding bass lines and pads. "Apocaliptic" is a mid-tempo track which sounds like a medical ventilator while the artificial heart of a cyborg is about to stop. "Indescribable" is an outro that literally is a heartbeat coupled with echoing sounds and hisses. With this one you realize that there's no escape... As for all the Last Known Trajectory also 'Irresistable' has a plastified tin foiled cover and a poster. Cool release!
(Proofread by Johan Sebastian Bot)

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