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Artist: Tom DePlonty (@)
Title: Corridor
Format: CD
Label: Auraltone Music (@)
Rated: *****
Dedicated to Marc Gaspard, this delicate release by Boston-based composer Tom DePlonty could be evidence of the passage of some angelic entity over some creative sky of the musician or alternatevely of some contemplative idylliac upward fugue of the mind whereas piano tolls could act as propellant for such an ascension. Corridor moves its step in narrow tonal paths brimful of luminous elements taken from improvisational, classic and spacial ambient music. Most of tracks consist of fragile textures, moving onto extended frequencies by both rhythmical and tonal microvariations, whose structure sounds quite close to some childplays - actually the composer himself defines two tracks included in this album, "Zen Baby" and "Sleep Monsters Lie", as proper lullabies -. On the other side some tender divertssments, such as "In rain and light" (my favorite listening) or "Halo" are built by juxtaposing of single piano loops and the final result sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a bliss-like state of mind. If you prefer an "imaginative" listening, try to imagine that each piano loop is the way the composer chose in order to musically describe the course drawn by the circling descent of a feather. Even the most heavenly tracks whereas the synths'emanations become almost blinding as you can hear in tracks such as "Glare" or "The beguiling charms of pleasure" cannot foster anything but a pleasant gradual sliding from sleepy or trance states into something close to satori! It could be even perfect for a sly contemplation of a Victorian garden during a springlike noon!

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