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Artist: FAVOLE NERE (@)
Title: Specchio Delle Fantasie
Format: CD
Label: LM Records
In the 80s I.R.A. records' motto was "Italian music sung in Italian language" and their first roster was including Litfiba, Diaframma, Moda and Underground Life. What has this to do with Favole Nere? Well, I see their music and their attitude deeply linked to the sounds and the atmospheres proposed by that label back then: their music sound like a mix of the afore mentioned bands with the add of tiny electro e.b.m. synth lines on some tracks. Listening to their first abum SPECCHIO DELLE FANTASIE I imagine Dario plugging his bass to the flanger box, while Silvio warm his voice and Cate asks who stole her eyeliner. Soon after they are ready for the sound check to give their best for a gig made of new wave sounds influenced by rock. The nine tracks of the album mix catchy melodies, solid guitar riffs and synth arpeggios. On this blend Silvio give life to his introspective lyrics thank to his deep voice while Cate duet with him with her heavenly vocals. If you are into goth wave rock, check them at their myspace page

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