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Artist: The Truth About Frank (@)
Title: Murder Sleep
Format: CD EP
Label: LYF
Distributor: Norman
After their previous sonic issues (sometimes close to lo-fi techno and electronic razor-shaped industrial'¦you could imagine something amidst Negativland, Psychic TV and acid techno era strips), the mysterious duo hailing from east boroughs of Leeds ' one of the English city's baking some interesting experimental projects -, known as The Truth About Frank, reaches his 4th 4-tracks Ep just before announcing (finally!!!) their first full-length, acting as a confirmation of their skills in forging strange sonic creatures, which could be perceived as playful and disquieting, elegant and aggressive at the same time throughout rapid passages (or I'd better call them interpenetration of )from hollow even if agonizing dreams to sinister scary nightmares. These brainy guys don't use sounds to excess, but they wisely treat them in that hallucinogenic way able to pierce listener's search of strong audible emotions, stimulating thoughts without any recurrence to Gothicism or industrialism injections. Artworks ' there's one for each track, partially reminding those provocative collages of some cyber-punk graphic designer, rich in fluorescent outlines and psychedelic mosaics- seem to play almost as a caption for tracks and the above-mentioned contrast between peaceful and disquieting elements resurface mostly in the last one, Welcome, in which The Truth About Frank loops a low-pitched voice morbidly repeating 'Welcome to My World' on a flat slow-changing half-melody. You could easily grab the implicit irony and the keenness behind a track like that! Maybe this Ep will not murder your sleep, but it surely could unsettle it! I'm curious to listen TTAF forthcoming album after listening to this taste of their enjoyable quibbles!

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