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Title: Death Star Droid
Format: CD
Label: Robots Don't Sleep
Rated: *****
Already active with Jahcoozi and The Tape Vs Rqm as well as remixer for many international artists, Robot Koch releases his first solo full length album titled DEATH STAR DROID. Available on CD, vinyl and digital download, the album contains ten tracks in balance from dub-step, two-step and grime with many other influences. Robot don't focus his stuff on powerful blasts or crazy rhythms that may sound like an exercise in style, he build the tracks keeping an eye opened on melody and the other on the overall atmosphere focusing his efforts on the use of a rich web of sounds. We have energizing tunes like the opening "Death star droid" or the following mid tempo "Away from" as well as melancholic tunes like the cover of Door's "People are strange" (supported by the voice of Graciela Maria) or the following "While" (featuring Manya on vocals), where soft piano melodies are supported by a bass grime sound. The winning point of DEATH STAR DROID is to gather soulful atmospheres and dub-step sounds that enrich and empower the tracks with a touch of hip hop sensibility and a bit of will to experiment (check the i.d.m. blend of guitar samples and bleeps on the closing "A song formerly known as tooth").

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